I always start my projects by sketching out my thoughts, ideas and/or words of inspiration. Below are my sketches that kicked this project off.
Mission: Hudl helps teams and athletes win.

The current website does a great job of showcasing how the technology at Hudl does just this. From video, live stats and conversations, teams and athletes are able to perform better--Harder. Faster. Stronger. These are the three words that I used for inspiration when thinking through imagery. I added imagery of athletes and coaches to the existing design to strengthen the mission statement, visually.

I added stats in a section of the website to validate the necessity of Hudl's technology, which also helps add some variation to the layout and eye catching designs. It would be a good idea to add testimonials as well.

Mock-up of Web Page for UK Football
Ad Mock-Up
Below is an example of how Hudl can expand its presence in UK. This is an ad in the Tube that highlights the power behind Hudl's video capability, for European football specifically.
Booth Mock-Up
An example of how the tailored UK booth could look with incorporating the "Smarter Video" campaign as the video. I kept the overarching copy the same since it was anglicized and made sense with the visuals. It would be cool to have cut-outs of athletes in action shots around the booth, or a goal as a prop. 
Mock-Up of A4 Catalog
The cover is a visual representation of the Hudl mission statement. This catalog would be used at trade shows or other Hudl events globally and locally. Product sheets that are tailored to one product or sport would also be present as a deeper dive.
Overall adding bold typography, stats and imagery helps strengthen Hudl's appearance and validates its technology and purpose.

**All images are not my own. Imagery was used only to show how the branding could be executed. Custom photography would need to be used.
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