Beehive Industries approached me asking if I'd be interested in updating their current branding. Those deliverables included an animated video, print advertisements, direct mail pieces, collateral and a re-brand of their website. They wanted to go to market to explain to their customers what set Beehive apart from its competitors. Their message is that Beehive Industries was founded on the idea of providing a simple yet powerful solution to a complex infrastructure—much like a beehive provides for its bees. A bee habitat, just like your city, has a lot going on—a lot of noise and activity—but it’s all managed effectively and efficiently. This is precisely the premise their software was built upon.
Mary Lafferty // Marketing Director at Beehive Industries
Drew Hoffmeyer // Video Animation (the mastermind behind giving the illustrations life)
Jennifer Woockman // Graphics/Branding
Video on homepage explaining what Beehive Industries software does.
Advertising concepts
Sales Collateral Templates
Close up view of the homepage and mobile version of site.
Each section of the homepage when you scroll down.
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